Altamont Patio Condominiums


Your monthly maintenance fee provides funds for the everyday upkeep required for an 84-unit complex, which includes the following: 

  • insurance for all common areas

  • landscaping/pool cleaning/maintenance/supplies

  • pest control

  • sewer fees

  • water usage (both personal and for the complex)

  • garbage pickup (pickup on Tuesdays and Fridays)

  • management service (Metcalf Realty: see Contact Us page)

  • repair and upkeep of the buildings 

As you can imagine, funds are stretched and members of the condominium board are always trying to find better ways to get everyone at Altamont Patio the most for their dollar.  Please attend our regular association meetings to offer positive input and suggestions as to how our fees are structured and applied.


The following steps are ways we can keep our property values rising, our fees reasonable, and our living environment pleasant:   

  • Garbage pick-up occurs on Tuesday and Friday.  Dumpsters are located in the top and bottom parking lots.  Please bag your garbage and DO NOT place items outside the dumpster.

  • It is every resident's job to keep the grounds clean and free of trash.  Set an example by picking up any trash you may come upon and put it where it belongs.  We have a beautiful complex....  Let's keep it that way!

  • Altamont Patio Condominiums is a "pet-friendly environment," and your pet is a welcome addition to our community.  However, please clean up after your pet.

  • Water Problems:  Leaks in your unit need to be reported immediately.  Damp spaces you have noticed on the ceiling, or any other location, may be the result of a larger problem.  Any indication of a leak should be reported immediately to the management agency.  One way to send information regarding a leak is via the web site Contact Us page. If you do not receive a prompt reply, you can call a member of the board, or the management company.  Not reporting a leak can result in thousands of dollars of unnecessary damage for which you have the potential to be held responsible.

  • If you experience loud stereos, barking dogs, yelling, or any other unpleasant noise coming from a neighbor's unit, first try to contact the neighbor and let them know their behavior is disturbing you.  You can alert board members through the web site Contact Us page.  Hopefully the problem can be quickly solved by simply alerting the neighbor that they are being too loud.  However, the email sent through the Contact Us page also serves as a method of documenting the complaint.  If the inconsiderate behavior continues and complaints accrue, the condominium association can begin a more formal solution to the problem.  Also keep in mind disturbances can be reported to the police.  Creating a police report can help give the association documentation upon which to support future action, penalties, etc.


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